Wind Energy

As the name implies, Wind Energy is an ensemble aimed at achieving two things. Firstly the group is dedicated to playing music that showcases the beautiful sounds of wind instruments. The combination of flute, clarinet, oboe and piano provides fertile ground for creating a sound world of colour, clarity, passion and enchantment. Secondly, the group is committed to promoting the need for our civilisation to start getting serious about renewable energy and securing a sustainable future for the planet.

We hope to share our music and our message with as many people as possible. To this end, we are happy to play for audiences small and large; schools, music clubs, environment groups, community groups, festivals, government and private functions. The only stipulation is that we do not play “background music” Naturally we would prefer to play in a venue with a tuned grand piano but if this is not possible we can provide an electric piano which sounds fairly realistic. 

Some audiences may prefer to listen to our music without the environmental
narrative and we are happy to oblige.